Specialists in the integration of geochemistry, geology and engineering data

At OilTracers, our earth scientists specialize in providing the petroleum industry with consulting solutions to prospect charge risk and field development questions through the integration of petroleum geochemistry (oil fingerprinting), geology and engineering data.

OilTracers is now part of Weatherford Laboratories.

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Featured Oil Geochemistry Resources

The OilTracers OilLibrary provides a fully-searchable online database of 33,500 oils and geological samples from 124 countries, currently available for analysis from multiple worldwide laboratories. If you don't have the geological samples you need "in house," search here for samples and data to make your project feasible.

Search the most comprehensive list of petroleum geochemistry references with the OilRef Online Reference Database. Includes more than 14,837 previously published citations from hundreds of sources. FREE trial version available and unlimited access by subscription.

Collaborating with various laboratories, OilTracers developed regional studies for petroleum systems in the North Caspian and Mangyshlak Basin, the Kazakhstan Petroleum System, the Middle Caspian Petroleum System and the Libyan Sirte Basin. Studies are available for licensing. More details »

News & Events

News and Upcoming Events

3 March 2010 Weatherford Laboratories Acquires OilTracers LLC. Industry Leader in Geochemistry Data Interpretation Joins Weatherford’s Expanding Integrated Laboratory Services

6 January 2010 OiTracers LLC to Exhibit at 3 Conferences in 2010: Geo2010 (Bahrain, March 8-10), AAPG (New Orleans, April 11-14), and the SPE Hedberg Conference on Reservoir Geochemistry (Vail, Colorado, June 9-11).

10 December 2009 OilTracers Scientists Give Presentations and Classes in Egypt, Tunisia, and the United States

3 October 2008 Upcoming OilTracers Conference Presentations in United Arab Emirates, South Africa, and USA Dr. Mark McCaffrey, President of OilTracers LLC, to present at SPE and AAPG conferences

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